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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rube Goldberg health insurance

 Big Government has a link to a new “This is how the public option is a single payer trojan horse” audio clip from Paul Krugman.

Two things I like about Krugman’s comments:

#1 He fully acknowledges it would cost the same or more likely more

Now in reality it's the same amount of money or probably
more. But it takes less tax revenue. What would otherwise be called taxes is called premiums.

#2 He gives us the perfect metaphor for the health care bills floating around. They are Rube Goldberg devices. He is trying to say its complicated in order to hide the real single payer goal underneath, but I believe its complicated because in the true sense of Rube Goldberg its just over engineered and wasteful. Both reasons are likely correct, and both are definitely bad ideas.

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