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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC ignores its own

Twitter is lit up discussing the gaffe the DNC made where they dropped certain things from their platform and had to, under pressure, put them back. That’s not the real story as I see it.

Here’s what just happened at the DNC. The chair gets up and puts the platform changes on the screen. He asks for a voice vote… “Yes!!!”…. ‘No!!!!” and then he does a double take as he realizes he didn’t get the required 2/3 majority from the crowd. He actually started to say that it passed with the required 2/3 majority but stops. So he says he’ll do it again. “Yes!!!”…. ‘No!!!!”   This time the “no”s are even louder. He now looks totally flummoxed and then leans over to talk to some who says

You gotta let them do what they’re gonna do

He then immediately interprets this as “Let the animals roar. You cant control it” because he proceeds to ask for a 3rd vote and when the result is the same he ignores it and claims there was a 2/3 majority vote.

This is absolutely INSANE. He just took a public vote and when the party members didn’t just fall in line he got flummoxed. But then when he regained his composer his decision, as the chair, was to absolutely ignore the voting happening right in front of him on national television.

The irony of moving to ignore the rules in order to have a special vote and then ignoring the results of the vote is unbelievable.

If the DNC leadership decides to let this change stand they will have demonstrably proved that they do not care about anything except getting their way, even when their own constituents visibly claim opposing views. This is not the party of inclusion. They even ignore their own rules and members. This is the party of My Way or the Highway.


also, is this open proof that the DNC (at least the half that voted no) is actually actively anti-Israel and anti-God? How does that sit with the rest of the constituency around the nation?