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Monday, March 24, 2008

Do you want iTunes with that?

So I broke down and installed Quicktime to watch ONE stupid video. Then a few days later I start to get the following message nearly every day:

Updates are available, would you like to install iTunes?

Ummm, no I wouldn't, and that is not an update. Its another program. So after weeks of this I finally break down and install the iTunes "upgrade" to Quicktime. Please go away now. It did for about a week. Then this gem shows up:

Updates are available, would you like to install Safari?

AAARRRGGGG!!!!!! WTF! Is Apple actually trying to get me to believe that Safari is an upgrade from the Quicktime codec? I mean iTunes was at least in the same ballpark (or maybe city) being about media, but come on now!!!

CMD>uninstall quicktime

Right to cut your debt in half?

On the way in to work there was an add on the radio which claimed "You have a right to cut your credit card debt, by up to half!" Now these are the guys who we should be going after.

I'm pretty sure the Constitution doesn't mention anything about credit cards.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

UK wants to track all "potential" criminals DNA as young as 5

Children as young as FIVE should be put on DNA list, says forensics expert. They claim that they can reasonably identify future offenders as early as 5 years old by watching their behaviour patterns. So now we won't even wait until the kids even think about doing something bad. "You're going to be a criminal in 5-10 years! We better start tracking you now!"

This is the new idea since they can't legally DNA track everyone...yet.