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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health care speechwriter hits reality

Wendy Button who wrote health care speeches for John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, et. al., recently moved from DC to Massachusetts and has an interesting article observing what universal health care means in practice.

Some choice excerpts

here's how I lost my insurance: I moved. That's right, I moved from Washington, D.C., back to Massachusetts, a state with universal health care.

In D.C., I had a policy with a national company, an HMO, and surprisingly I was very happy with it. … my premium was $225 a month, … In Massachusetts, the cost for a similar plan is around $550, give or take a few dollars.

they had reforms, automatic enrollment, and universal coverage in Massachusetts, all the things I'd written about for politicians. Health care would be affordable. It didn't dawn on me that it would just be affordable for other people.

If I had a dollar for every time I typed, "universal coverage will lower premiums," I could pay for my own health care at Massachusetts's rates.

Its definitely worth the whole read though.

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