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Thursday, October 8, 2009

lies, damn lies, and CBO math

If Karl Rove is right

The CBO report claims the bill won't add to the budget deficit until 2015—but the bill only manages that feat by delaying benefits and imposing taxes and Medicare and Medicaid cuts up front.

and Ghettoputer’s subsequent back-of-the-napkin calculations are in the ballpark

projected revenues will generate $910 billion over 10 years. Outflows will be $829 billion over 7.5 years. … that's an average yearly inflow of $91 billion and an average yearly outflow of $110.5 billion, or a average annual deficit of $19.5 billion each year the benefits are actually paid.

Then the whole CBO discussion on the Baucus bill is way off the mark. The question then becomes, what happens in year 11?

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