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Friday, October 30, 2009

Make them buy it and complain when I can’t keep it?

“If I lose my job, I lose my insurance”

This is a well understood problem which hearkens back to the days when many people got a job and then retired from that same job some years later. Since your job didn’t change then your insurance didn’t change. The job market doesn’t work that way today. People change jobs all the time – even in a good economy.

Now why, if the problem is tying insurance to a job, does the latest House insurance proposal (as well as most others) *require* businesses to buy their employees health care? If we want to make sure I don’t lose my health insurance when I lose my job, then why do we make my job pay for it?

And do not fall into the nit-picky “well only bigger businesses have to pay for it” argument. No business should be paying for this. If its my insurance, I should be buying it. That’s how you make me actually act responsible about purchasing, which makes the insurance companies act responsibly about selling.

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