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Friday, October 2, 2009

“Fox lies!” says the White House

The White House silently snubbed Fox News when Obama went on every major news network (and some not-major-news networks) in one weekend and did not go on Fox. This was an implicit insult which did not go unnoticed, but I was reading a White House Blog posting this week in which they seem to have thrown down the gauntlet quite openly.

The post lays out their response to Glen Beck’s comments regarding Obama’s Chicago friends and the failed Olympic bid he made a special trip to support. Then at the end it says

For even more Fox lies, check out …

This is not saying “We disagree with Fox” or “Fox has it wrong” this is saying “Fox news is knowingly wrong. They lie.”

This is the Official White House Blog calling out “You lie!” to the only press organization on the planet actually questioning the administration.

When the powers that be try to logically defend their position and then still have to resort to language like this which attempts to smear and subvert everything that Fox may report, it belies the fear of the truth that their argument doesn't hold.

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