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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RINO no more!

Good riddance! Now I’m not a Republican (I don’t vote for any party) but is surprising only that switching parties is a rare occurrence. Its not going to affect the votes – its going to affect the perceived power balance in congress.

Specter says he's switching from GOP to Democrats

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Only 53% of Americans support Capitalism?

This is crazy!

Although I think there are a few points to remember when reading this.

1) Younger people skew socialist/populist. And more young people are involved lately (hats off to Obama’s campaign on that one). But once they start to move from the nancy state of their parents home to the nanny state of the public they often begin to change their tune.

2) Capitalism is not pro-big business. Its pro-free market. The two are very different things and often at odds with each other. Often, the first group to embrace new government regulations is big business – because they can absorb the cost and keep out the little guy.

SHOCKING: Only 53% of Americans support Capitalism