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Friday, July 11, 2008

When Not-The Man becomes The Man

A friend pointed out an interesting article at The Root entitled When The Man is One of Us regarding the current changes happening in the black community in response to Barack Obama's success.

It does bring up a very interesting point. What happens when one group, whose primary political focus has long been fighting for an equal seat at the table, suddenly finds that they are at the head of the table?

not-quite-non-sequitur: Yesterday I saw a piece of wisdom on the TV show Las Vegas which seems somewhat relevant. The happiest dog in the pack is the beta dog because he doesn't have the responsibility of the alpha dog but relishes in the benefits of being near the alpha dog.

In The Root's story, when you spend decades blaming and fighting the establishment for your ills, what happens when you become the establishment? According to Jack White you start doing some self reflection (as some derided black figures like Bill Cosby have been arguing in favor of for a while). Mr. White says they have always been doing it privately but now have to take it public since the only one to complain about publicly is themselves.

[updated - and updated the article link]

Not-The Man has become The Man. Cant wait to see if anything changes.