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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Texas sized crazy

How do you even attempt to have a discussion when you can’t understand what the politician is saying or why?

Kesha Rogers won the Democratic nomination in Texas’s 22nd district with 53% of the vote against two other opponents. Now consider this statement from her web site.

Since the 1776 American Revolution, there has never been a stronger mass movement of growing opposition, and hatred, in the population against our British Imperial foe as we are witnessing today among American Patriots. The mass strike building up in the population against the atrocious policies of the London and Wall Street backed puppet, President Obama, and so called “leading political figures” alike, is a clear sign that Wall Street and the British Empire should beware. The American people are in a fighting mood.

Apparently there is some Limey secretly controlling the POTUS (which also explains why he is going easy on British Petroleum)

This reminds me of Alvin Greene in South Carolina. Are these people getting nominated because of the left’s sheer frustration with Obama’s failure to fix their Bush hatred that they just thrash around in the voting booth and hit the ballot randomly? Or have they been angry for so long that now its overflowing and is an unstoppable.

Or has the machinations of electoral politics become so focused on working the edge cases (can you say Ohio?) that some of these districts get ignored by their parties and end up getting smacked by the results. Nature always forces a balance.

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