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Monday, June 14, 2010

Congressman Bob Etheridge’s apology

and its actually a good one. No “if I hurt..” or “I apologize but…” He just flat out says that he screwed up, it was not justified. and he is sorry.

I have seen the video posted on several blogs.  I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved.  Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response.  I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.

So kudos to the Congressman for taking it like a man! I really hate the whiny dodging apologies that get made so often by public figures so I like to call out the good ones that actually take responsibility instead of just claiming to do it.

That being said, I hope it is given appropriate weight at his sentencing.

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