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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Depot no habla US futbol?

Home depot has is sponsoring a team for the World Cup in South Africa this year. Who are they sponsoring? The Mexican team!

In a local Home Depot here in north Texas this sign was spotted. Its almost entirely in Spanish and reads

Support Mexico on the journey to South Africa: Free gift with purchase!

home depot spanish sign

So a US company, is advertising in its US stores, with signs primarily in Spanish, to sponsor not just a foreign country’s sports team but a competitor as well. Its not like there isn't a US team in the tournament. [insert joke about how lame American soccer teams are here]

The kicker is that, on top of all of that, the promotion, according to the home depot rules, is only available to legal US residents.

Now I’m not saying that Home Depot isn’t allowed to do this. They are a private business and are as free to offend their customer base as anyone else. But I do know some locals here who are pretty upset, making some noise about this and will only be dealing with Lowes from now on, so it seems a really poor business decision to me. I’d really like to hear their rationale on this one.

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