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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hayek springs eternal

From Amazon: this morning’s best seller was originally published in 1944. Its an analysis of the potential for “big government” policies(e.g. British Labour party of the time) to travel down the road the totalitarianism (as the Nazis had recently done).image

Now I don’t take any comparison to Nazi’s lightly and Hayek apparently fought the impression that he was saying that socialistic tendencies inevitably led to totalitarian regimes for the next 40 years. He wasn’t. He was trying to show how the socialist idealists’ end goals often required them to violate their ideals in order to get them enforced.

I’m actually part of this surge to #1 as I received my book from Amazon last week and have been pouring through it. So far so good.

Its always reassuring to see people reading substantive works instead of just fluff (not that fluff isn't important either – I also have other stuff in the reading pile as well)

[HT: The Volokh Conspiracy]

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