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Monday, February 1, 2010

Wind turbines require electricity to spin?

This is awesome!

  1. Minnesota builds wind turbines
  2. Turbines have hydraulic fluid
  3. The fluid apparently can’t handle the cold Minnesota winter
  4. Officials decide to use electric heaters to warm the fluid

This reminds me of a similar attempt to save energy by a northern town which converted all their stop lights to LEDs from regular bulbs. It worked great until it snowed. LEDs arent hot like bulbs so the traffic lights all filled up with snow making them useless. They then decided to hire someone to drive around in a car cleaning out the lights.

I will just continue to repeat this phrase uttered by my 10 year old boy - “Why don’t people think things through?!?!”

Wind power is nice and all but can *not* be a primary source for electricity.

(HT: Hot Air)

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