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Friday, February 26, 2010

True astroturfing from the masters

Over at Organizing for America they have an interesting thing going on. The President’s own campaign to generate calls into radio programs around the country and plead for health care reform.

I have no problem with people calling in to radio shows and expressing their opinion – free expression and discussion of ideas is key to our functioning republic – but this just smacks of hypocrisy since Nancy Pelosi brought the word “astroturfing” into the modern lexicon. If they really think the American people want this, then why the need to convince people to argue for it? If it were really that obvious there would be no need to “make it clear” with speech after speech and then when that fails drum up a fake grass roots campaign.

Better still, they still don’t get the argument. In fact they are pushing the same (and I hate to use this tired phrase but) bleeding heart arguments in favor of their position. The site provides some discussion points but no concrete facts and urges their callers to

Use the discussion points on the right in your conversation – but remember that the most important part of your call is your own story about why you support reform.

So they think that calling into radio shows with sob stories is going to sway the regular listeners who have been listening to facts for the past year? Not a chance – unless the American public really is as dumb as the OfA people seem to think.

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