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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stimulus worked because it kept the governments big

The DNC thinks creating any job is a good thing. Here is what DNC Chairman Tim Kaine cited this morning as evidence that the stimulus plan was successful at job creation.

[As governor] I had to write a budget before the stimulus passed. And then I got to rewrite it after it passed and I can tell you it's not a theoretical matter at all. Thousands and thousands of state local employees jobs were on the chopping block and likely would have their jobs had not passed.

The problem is not necessarily total jobs, it is also the right jobs. We don’t need more government jobs. Creating more jobs is creating more government. I would also argue that reducing total government jobs is a net positive for the country overall. Reduce the things they do. Reduce the people needed to do them. Reduce the financial requirement to support those people to do them. With that saved money, private jobs will be created.

Lets not even get into whether or not the federal money should be used to pay for state and local governmental positions…

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