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Monday, February 1, 2010

Community Organizing 101 in High Schools across America

I subscribed to the announcements over at Organizing for America a while back just to see what kind of oddball shenanigans they might come up with but I missed this one because I don’t have a kid in high school yet. (and nothing in this story sets of my hoax alarm yet)

According to Atlas Shrugs one readers 11th grader came home with sign up material for a political organization. It came from OfA. She asked if there was a Republican option and was told no.

I’m very curious as to how this material made it into the classroom. Was it just the government class’s teacher being really stupid and short sighted or was this a sanctioned item that came from the administration. Either way, since this is a compulsory activity and funded by the taxpayers, any politically infused items (even extracurricular) that are propagated must either by balanced or better yet, left to the parents.

Atlas has all the details but I loved this bit. Its a multi week program and guess what is one Week 1’s suggested readings?


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