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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why I hate Pizza Hut

I like to order things online if given the chance because I get a clear receipt showing what I ordered. “Hi Mr. Delivery Man, you can see clearly here I ordered this and not that and for this price.”

Quality of their product aside (there is a local pizzeria that I far prefer), I hate Pizza Hut’s website. I usually get pressured by the rest of the crew here to order from Pizza Hut and always end up saying things aloud in frustration that would make my mother deny our relationship. Usually its just about usability and speed but last night it was about borderline fraud.

I choose this deal. Clearly marked as $23.99. The primary items being 2 medium pizzas.


The next step is to customize your pizzas. Notice the price still says $23.99 in the top, but the pizza selection for both pizzas has defaulted to “Large.” Large costs extra according to the above coupon.


Now you walk all the way through each of the four items. (for this example I chose nothing and just clicked Next Item) And check out the price. Its $27.99.


Once you add on the delivery charge, tax, and door bell ringing fees its more than that. If you weren't paying attention you could easily lose those extra couple of dollars in the total price of the delivery. I wonder how many people end up with large pizzas, and think “Hey I just got one over on the man. He sent me larges by mistake for free!”

On top of this, walking through this multiple times trying to figure out the problems and the UI (there was another problem that involved cheese selection) took me 30 minutes until I finally broke down and called the place. Of course the girl on the other end of the phone didn’t know what the deal was and just took my word for it.

Forget the delivery, I want it ordered in under 30 minutes or its free!

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