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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A seat at the table or two or four

Politico is reporting news on the Congressional reapportioning due to the new census data. It looks like Texas gets 4 more seats. in the House of Representatives. Woot! Which they are quick to point out may be trouble for Dems as Texas is a traditionally (but only recently) Republican state. What they don’t mention is that its not really that simple, as seen by the closeness of the Governor’s race. It depends on who draws the district boundaries. As it stands today, 12 of Texas’s 32 representatives are Democrats. That’s more than a third. If you look at the data, the country is much more purple than the media would have you believe that it is red vs blue.

Although the big story here really is presidential electoral votes because Texas like most states is all or nothing. And in that regard it is a very safe Republican state.

Bonus factoid: If you want to see gerrymandering in action, go check out the existing boundaries and zoom in on Austin which is in 5 different districts, the bizarre shapes of the districts around Dallas. I dare you to rationalize that to me.

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