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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Love me some Texas!

While I do have issues with Governor Perry, he makes some interesting points in an editorial over at Big Government.

I did not realize that

Over the past decade, Texas has added more wind power than all but four other countries

and despite a rapidly growing economy and population

a side effect of all of our efforts has been that our carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by more than nearly every other state and even every country in the world except Germany.

So the land of Black Gold is doing alright with respect to clean energies - and we’ve done all of this without the draconian measures mandated in some other states and also haven’t bankrupted the state just yet.

(I’m still not sure how all my buddy’s power actually comes from wind and mine from natural gas while using the same wires but OK. I imagine herding electrons is a bit like herding cats.)

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