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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jeffersonian propoganda?

Somehow I think Thomas Jefferson would be surprised to see with his quote being used to promote a progressive socialist agenda. This is the winning entry of an art contest at Public Option Please

beating heart of America

Mark Krikorian nails this over at the Corner

Notice that Washington is pictured as the heart of nation, where tired, oxygen-depleted blood is replenished and returned to the hinterland. It's a perfect illustration of the worldview of the Left. The NRCC should turn this into a poster warning Americans about the consequences of another two years of Democratic dominance in Congress.

I’d love to see someone do the same thing but with a federalist slant - 50 hearts, one in each state and maybe little hands holding together. How can the left say no to holding hands? (or better yet, held together with little dollar bills!)

Update: Now thinking more, maybe it should be 300 million little hearts running around making personal choices to engage in direct commerce with each other… But that might be hard to draw.

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