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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey, wait! The story is not over there!

Wait a minute you can’t have it both ways. The Center for American Progress says that the ACORN story isn’t newsworthy but his reasoning is contradictory

To be fair, outside of nakedly ideological outfits, most of the reporters in the mainstream media behaved responsibly when the tapes emerged on right-wing radio shows and blogs. The tapes didn’t become legitimately newsworthy until the Census Bureau dropped ACORN from its efforts to collect 2010 census data. Initial reports even left out mention of the videotapes. But the videos are what attract media, particularly television, to this story, not government action against ACORN. Census and congressional moves to dissociate government from ACORN have become excuses to show these tapes again and again. News outlets have used these tapes even though they meet no reasonable journalistic standards.

So the fact that “the Census Bureau dropped ACORN from its efforts” is newsworthy but the reason for dropping ACORN is not?

Its not an excuse to show the tapes. Its the reason the government agencies took action. If its a reasonable story that the government dropped ACORN, then you have to report why they were dropped.

How far will the continue to have this mixed spin on the story. “Its not important.” “We’ve fired them.” “We are suing the videographers.” “It’s all a right wing hit job.” Apparently EVERYONE here is at fault except ACORN.

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