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Saturday, September 26, 2009

“Capitalism is not about need... it's about opportunity”

I don’t listen to Limbaugh but when I heard he was on Leno this week I had to find it and see how that whole interview went down. I’m glad I did. He sat down and respectfully picked apart a number of straw men and assumptions that were put forth by Leno.

The title of this post is my favorite bit from that. Leno asks if how you make your money is important. Rush responds

If you believe in the capitalist system, then you have to erase from your whole worldview what does somebody need.  It's not about need.  Capitalism is not about need.  It's about providing; it's about growing; it's about opportunity; it is about doing whatever you want to do.

And in the guilty pleasure category: watching Rush take the electric car test drive challenge and deliberately forego a decent lap time in order to back up and run over a cardboard cutout of Al Gore twice was laugh out loud hilarious!

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