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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did I say inches? I meant centimeters!!

That would be the new cry of fishermen caught exaggerating their claims in Texas fishing tournaments if the governor signs HB 1806. This bill, passed by both houses already, makes it a potential felony if someone

alters the length or weight of a fish for the purpose of representing that the fish as entered in the tournament was that length or weight when caught

And from my reading of the definition of “fishing tournament”, that crime also applies to just me and my buddy who agree that whoever hooks the smaller fish buys the beer.

Instead of yelling “You cheated! I’m calling the cops!” you should just disqualify the cheater and publicly shame him (or if its your buddy, punch him and knock him out of the boat).

As much as Mr .Borepatch likes to visit us down here and admires our freedoms, apparently we may not have the freedom to do what all good fishermen do so well - lie about their catches.

Please Mr. Perry, veto this one as “too silly to consider.”

<HT: Grits for Breakfast>

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