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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Americans treated the same?

 Apparently not

The Obama administration has authorized operations to capture or kill a U.S.-born Muslim cleric based in Yemen, who is described by a key lawmaker as Americas's top terrorist threat, officials said on Tuesday.

Is anyone else severely disturbed by this? The administration has now authorized the killing of American citizens. I don’t care if they are deemed a threat. This is a really bright line to cross. Regardless of the debate on whether foreign terrorists/enemy combatants should receive Geneva Convention considerations or should get US Constitutional rights, I think we all know damn well that ALL American citizens should get the Constitutional rights that are specifically designed to protect them from the US federal government! Even traitors get a trial.

The Constitution is the American people’s contract with the government – and what happens when one party to a contract decides not to honor it anymore?

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