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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You go on one little vacation…

and the whole world implodes. Let’s see – the health care bill passed. Well, not quite. The health care bill passed. Then the  health care bill repair bill passed. And the health care bill repair executive order was signed. Plus they snuck in the student loan takeover into the repair bill (that’s working out well already).

They keep saying everyone wants this, but if it was such a slam dunk then why did it take 3 separate actions to pull it all together? Because that way they get to slice the votes effectively 3 ways and no one is actually accountable to the entire thing to their home states.

And oh yeah and I forgot – it’s a CRISIS!

I must say though, the OFA folks were thoroughly busy. A new email nearly every day during the final push of the bill urging me to convince my congressman to change his vote.


I’m still pretty sure that had he received the 957 calls, or 1,120 letters or even if the entire district shown up at his door with whiskey and girl scout cookies he still wouldn’t have changed his vote.

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