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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It *is* perfectly clear!

Just for grins I did a search on the White House site for “let me be” just to see how often it really has come up in just the published speeches and releases.

returns 32 pages of links to speeches where Obama says

  • let me be clear
  • let me be absolutely clear
  • let me be perfectly clear
  • let me be succinct and clear
  • let me be very clear
  • let me be direct
  • let me be clear and direct
  • let me be honest
  • let me be precise
  • let me be specific
  • let me be more specific
  • let me be very specific

Now a small handful of these are Robert Gibbs but it still goes to the totality of the way the White House communicates because Gibbs is the Press Secretary whose job it is to speak for the President's administration.

They need to get a new phrase because as soon as I hear “let me be…” I immediately tune out because I know he is going to restate something that has been beat to death already because he thinks we didn’t really understand it instead of recognizing the reality that we didn’t like it and are not going to accept it just because he rephrased it and called it bipartisan.

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