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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Placing Taser on prone handcuffed man’s genitals not criminal?


According to the report from the Idaho Statesman the Boise Ombudsman

said evidence showed the man was shocked once in the back before he was handcuffed, and once in the buttocks after he was cuffed, and threatened with further shocks to the anus and genitalia.


"(It was the) totality of the officer's actions in threatening and taunting the subject with the Taser ... following it up by placing it in an anal and genital region”

but apparently having 3 men sit on top of a suspect who is only moving around because he can’t breathe after he has already been tased and then placing the taser on his anus and genitals threatening to tase them directly isn’t sufficiently excessive to warrant the DA taking action.

I wonder what would happen if it were the DA’s family jewels in jeopardy.

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