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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its better! but just not as good?

All this discussion about health care and private vs public options reminded me of a conversation I had last year with a fellow employee who lived in Denmark.

We were having a discussion on how health care worked in his country and was supplemented by the health insurance provided by our employer. He was championing the virtues of the free health care provided by his government to any who needed it. It did of course have limits. His son needed some procedure performed and the government health system wouldn’t pay for it. His solution was to take his son across the border and use his employer’s health insurance to pay for it there.

He continued to tell me that he loved the “free” government health insurance and it was the best way to go but the main issue was that he wished it covered more. More like the private insurance his employer provided.

He saw no irony in trying to convince me that the public health program was a better option than the private program even as he stated that his public one needed to be as good his private one.

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