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Monday, March 18, 2013

Occupy court verdicts a mostly positive thing

A friend posted on facebook a list of 5 recent court verdicts for the Occupy folks. I agree with 4 of these. Can you guess which 4?

  1. Not Guilty: the jury agreed with the protesters that the message of the protest was important enough to override the trespassing charges
  2. Not Guilty: Independent video footage showed the arresting officer lied after the police claimed no police footage existed.
  3. Not Guilty: three undercover Austin police officers had infiltrated the Occupy group and goaded the protesters into this act
  4. Not Guilty: the park’s supposed curfew law was enforced rarely and inconsistently, meaning the police’s crackdown was a targeted attempt to infringe on First Amendment Rights
  5. Not Guilty: basically the same as #4

Now 2-5 all make sense. Inconsistent laws and overzealous (to be generous) police need to be held in check. But personal property rights do not. Does #1 mean that I can now go Occupy the Occupier’s home’s living room because I disagree with him?

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