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Monday, January 21, 2013

If you think this way, how could you possibly give anyone a weapon?

  • Man tells city council not to ban his gun.
  • Man tells city council he has a carry permit
  • Councilman asks if man is carrying
  • Man says yes
  • Councilman makes a motion to (illegally) remove the man from the meeting
  • Motion fails
  • Councilman immediately excuses himself out of fear of being in a room with a gun.
  • Mayor apologizes to man for councilman’s attempt to restrict his 2nd amendment rights

Kudos to the mayor, but the most interesting thing here is that the councilman appears to be making a hasty retreat in the politest fashion out of fear that a firearm exists in his vicinity.
The fact that the council man immediately gets up and leaves the meeting before it is over betrays the thinking behind most gun control legislators. They believe that the average man is an animal. That he is subservient to his basest instincts and has no self control or morality. That he is eventually going to get hopping mad and use it in a fit of rage.

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