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Sunday, December 16, 2012


I recently travelled through the SFO airport few times and have decided it is an excellent example of government inefficiency thwarted. Most people do not realize that you can opt out of having TSA run your security. You still have to follow TSA procedures and guidelines but you can have private security put you through the naked scanner instead. Some time ago, SFO did just that. The lines at SFO consistently move faster than most places I've been and the security seems more alert and sensitive to getting everyone through with a minimum of fuss. The time they it took them to scan and approve someone? About 5-10 seconds. Mainly just because they were paying attention to the fact that we all already knew how to do it. We had to wait on the machine to spin, not wait on the agent to talk everyone through each agonizing step. TSA is replaced with private security and the TSA sanctioned personal violations are more palatable, coincidence? I think not.

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