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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glock Glock Bo Bock…

Yep, as predicted I couldn’t stay away and pulled the trigger (so to speak) and purchased my first pistol.


I took son #2 down to the range to try it out and teach him to handle it. He did quite well but still prefers something a bit more long range. He did appreciate the ZMax Zombie rounds though.

Notice how everyone always says “first pistol” Its just sort of assumed that, long term, this is going to be a more expensive investment. Its kind of like tattoos. I don’t know anyone with just 2 tattoos. They either have 1 because they did it on a dare in college or they have a bunch.

btw – you want to get a wide variety of extreme responses from people? Tell them you just bought a gun.

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TeeJaw said...

Congratulations on making a Glock 19 Gen 4 your first pistol. I’m a firearms instructor and that is the gun I recommend to everyone for their first polymer frame striker-fired pistol. You can learn fine pistol craft with this gun without spending a fortune on ammo. It will always be one of your favorites no matter how many more you add to your collection in the future.