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Monday, November 14, 2011

No Credit? No Christmas.

That will be the phrase you hear if Chuck Schumer gets his way. It really frustrates me to see the guys who, in the name of poverty, keep impoverished people from getting things they want or need.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is pushing retailers to clearly show how layaway plans can actually cost a consumer more than using a credit card.

Schumer is asking major retail associations to advise their members to more clearly present their layaway fees to customers. The Democrat says the ultimate cost of a layaway with a $5 fee can equal 40 percent interest over two months.

Schumer says if retails don't comply, he will ask the Federal Trade Commission whether the practice is deceptive or misleading.

Which ultimately means trying to kill layaway. You know what happens if some of these people can’t get layaway (and they can’t get credit)? They can’t get their items. Period. End of Sentence.

Shut down these sneaky conniving retailers who just want to bilk their customers and instead let the customers deal with the banks instead! The banks won’t try to pull that kind of stuff.

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