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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Its new law day!

Seeing as Texas only allows our legislature to get together every 2 years (it keeps them from doing too much damage at once), we usually have a lot of local press when the new batch of laws go into effect. Some of the new ones happening this week

  • Texas landowners may now shoot feral hogs and coyotes on their land from helicopters. Anyone have a chopper I can borrow?
  • You can now legally leave your weapon in your car at your place of business.
  • Increased speed limits, its only gonna be +5 MPH but hey that’s another 5! (and lifting the night time restrictions)
  • Easier access to testing of DNA for people convicted already of a crime and new requirements around preserving bio evidence long term. This will help out anyone that the Dallas DAs office hasn’t gotten to yet
  • Outlawing caltrops, really? Do I need to turn in my spindle of barbed wire too?
  • New sexting laws – haven't read this one thoroughly but at least it has provisions for near-age or spousal partners.
  • Newly illegal designer drugs

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