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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

They think we are intolerant?

I was a bit surprised to see the characterization of the reason for the Middle East rioting in response to the burning of the Koran in Florida. I heard this on TV and then found the reference on the web (my emphasis)

The small fire from the small Florida church has now spread all the way to Afghanistan where Muslims are outraged at what they believe is religious intolerance by Americans

Do the people writing this really believe that they think we are intolerant? Um, no. That is just projecting our world view onto their situation and misreading it poorly. They believe we are blasphemers and heretics which sort of explains their behavior. If you look at it as “you’re intolerant, I’m gonna riot!” then it makes no sense. If you look at it as “Burn the BLASHPHEMERS!” then it makes sense.

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