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Friday, May 7, 2010

When cops don’t shoot the dog

They call this guy. The Reluctant Paladin demonstrates how a total stranger can walk into an angry pit bull’s own yard and immediately get him to back down without touching him. Its an excellent lesson in the behavior of pack animals. It should also shake up all of you who think you have a big mean attack dog protecting your home.

Unless your dog has had specific, guard/attack dog training at the hands of a professional - I can neutralize him as a deterrent with nothing more than a stick in a matter of minutes and get to you in your house. No matter how bad ass you might think he is.

Its also interesting to note (as he does) how the same dominant behavior happens between him and the cops who are afraid of the dog and had already made things worse by pepper spraying it.

It’s all about attitude.

<HT: Borepatch>

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