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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Birth Control Will Stimulate the Economy

Contraception … will reduce cost for the states and the federal government

Translation: “These entitlement programs cost too much! We better get rid of the people who use them!”

Reduce some costs in at least a years time? Why not just euthanize everyone under 3 now? It always makes me wonder – “Does she really believe this?” Or put another way “Is she lying or just an idiot?”

Lets see, lowering the population growth of a specific group of people in order to further a political policy. Sounds like eugenics to me!

I think the Chinese had a similar population control idea back in the 70s. That worked out great.

Funniest thing is, most of the planned parenthood customers are likely to be Democrats. If she is successful, she has an 18 year lag to wait for the polls to shift!

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